Giorgio Armani

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Giorgio Armani An entrepreneur is someone who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture. Giorgio Armani is a perfect example of a modern entrepreneur, who became very successful in the fashion industry. Armani is estimated to be worth around 2 Billion (US) dollars. Giorgio Armani was born on July 11, 1932 in Piacenza in the Emilia region of Italy. He also spent most of his childhood in Piacenza but he did not have a very happy childhood, Piacenza took heavy bombing during the time of a war, which Giorgio was very small and lost two of his best friends when a bomb exploded. He and his sister Rosanna Armani who was three years old at the time were nearly gunned down. Armani Parents would wake Giorgio and Rosanna…show more content…
Quality of life is your personal satisfaction and the more money you have you are probably going to live a better quality of life and since Armani has over 2 Billion dollars he has an awesome quality of life. He goes to the most prestigious resorts for his vacations and has a private jet to take him there. He also has 6 houses in Italy his houses are located in Broni, Forte de Marmi and Pantelleria and in Tropez. I think that Giorgio Armani deserves to be where he is today because he worked very hard for it and he has the perfect idea of what fashion should be. I also think that he is very smart and also very creative. He can turn the lamest trends into fashion hits and he knows how to make money! After studying Armani I would consider entering the fashion industry and work very hard to become a huge success, it would be cool to have your name on clothes for the world to see and the money is not too bad either and it would be great to work with all the female models! I hope that Giorgio Armani has a great future and designs many more sophisticated and unstructured clothes, and maybe I will be his main competitor in the
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