Giorgio De Chirico's Art

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Giorgio De Chirico’s art can be viewed one that evolved tremendously over time. However, his artwork portrayed a number of characteristics and traits that differentiated them from the works of other artists in his time. This is probably why his art remains a puzzling factor to many from the 20th Century to date. A wide use themes and concepts can be seen in a number of his works. He has played a huge role in shaping the surrealist works of art.
As mentioned, Giorgio De Chirico’s art differed immensely from those of artists at the time. As a result of this difference, he appeared to be left out and his work segregated especially by the French arts men and fellow surrealists. His art was characterized by symbolic objects. His manikins, for example were spotted without upper body parts or faces. They appeared bizarre. Mostly, his paintings comprised of natural inspirations. Even if he painted a building, the aspect of nature was seen in the outcome. Additionally, he used color so as to put emphasis of particular objects. He would use contrasting colors in his mannequins and would place them in odd sizes and relationships so as to create juxtaposition. An example of this can be seen in The Disquieting Muses, one of his works of art.
Enigma is one of his most widely used themes. It can be seen his use of ordinary life objects and figures. These figures have been used in a context that does not appear ordinarily familiar. They all appear in a position or element that has been
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