Giorno Giovanna Character Analysis

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[Monster Profile: Giorno Giovanna]
Life is very expected, there is no telling what is gonna happen or where it will take you. For Giorno, he wasn’t expecting to find out his father was alive…or that he had two. He certainly wasn’t expecting a visit from one of them telling him that his life was in endanger all because some rival mob somehow rebooted a bunch of ancient Aztec death robots that were now after his life. Least of all he didn’t expect to suddenly be thrown out a window and growing a pair of wings. At least, in that case, it was someone help.

[Creature: Cambion]
A cambion is the offspring of an "incubus or succubus" and a human. As luck would have it with his incubus blood and his partial vampire blood, Giorno became a holy cambion.With his unique bloodline, Giorno has some pretty interesting abilities. He has some very minor shapeshifting outside of his wing lion form, it only extends to his clothing and hair. He can change his form into a winged lion cub. His wings are flexible and his feathers can
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At two gems he is able to summon his familiar a magpie named Mercurio. He’s able to create a magic shield with four gems. This spell while super useful is one that Mista hates the most and Giorno has to drag him behind it every time. With six gems he can send six shards of light into any nonliving object and track them. Using eight gems he is able to pass through walls and at ten he can wield light energy as a weapon. Finally with all twelve gems he can summon a Celestial Cerberus.

(His powers were inspired from Soma Cruz of Castlevania since you’d have to watch the whole game have it’s music instead. )

[Stand Perks]
The little ladybugs pendants that Giorno wear in this form when used with Golden Experience can become Mini GEs. Though their powers are limited to smaller objects only. GE appearance changed in this state, gaining halo hovering over its head and a pair of ladybug
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