Giotto's Adaptation Of Thanksgiving In Renaissance Art

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Thanksgiving is a holiday that was started long ago, by the Native Americans and Pilgrims. They were the “trendsetters” of this now-famous holiday, where it adapted from a three day celebration to a one day holiday. The trendsetting, and adaption of Thanksgiving can be compared to Giotto, a very famous and equally important painter, who was alive during the early Renaissance. Giotto was certainly a trendsetter of Renaissance art, since his stunning paintings display characteristics of both the “Medieval” and “Renaissance” aspects of the time periods. For example, Giotto’s painting “Mourning Christ’s Death” reflected Medieval characteristics of art, since it was not three dimensional, and important religious people had inhuman halos around their heads. This made the painting look less humanistic, with less ideals of the Renaissance values since the subjects were slightly inhuman. Yet, he was certainly a trendsetter, since some foreshadowing of Renaissance ideals showed up in his painting, like how the setting was on the beautiful planet earth, and how all of the subjects in the painting wore very emotional expressions. This gave the painting a more realistic and emotional feel, which is a big characteristic of Renaissance art.
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