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Why did I choose to write my essay about the giraffe? I chose to write my essay about the giraffe because this mammal has been my favorite animal since the third grade. My science teacher had us do a project about an animal. I did mine on the giraffe and working on that project I became more fascinated by the giraffe as I was working on the project. It made me just wanted to know more. This is why I chose to write my essay about the giraffe. I already knew a little bit of information about the giraffe. I knew that when baby giraffes are born they are dropped five feet to the ground. There is some information I did not know and wanted to know. I wanted to know why their necks are so long; I found out their necks are long so they can be…show more content…
Giraffes also have straight long forelegs. Their forelegs are 10 percent longer than their hind legs. When hunting adult giraffes, lions try to knock the giraffe off its feet. Giraffes are difficult and dangerous prey. Giraffes defend themselves with a powerful kick. One kick from a giraffe can shatter a lion’s skull or break its spine. Lions are the only predators that only show a great threat to an adult giraffe. The giraffes breeding habits are quite interesting. Male giraffes determine female fertility by tasting the females’ urine; this will help detect estrus, in a multiple step process called Flehmen response. When a female giraffe is pregnant, the gestation time can last between fourteen and fifteen months. They only have one calf at a time. When the mother gives birth, they are standing up. When the baby comes out it drops at least five feet to the ground and the embryonic sack usually bursts. Newborn giraffes are about six feet tall. About a few hours later a calf can run around; you cannot really tell the difference between the newborn and a week old calf. Newborn calves spend most of their time laying down, guarded by their mother. The young calf can fall easily and predators like lions, leopards, spotted hyenas and wild dogs can get them easily. Giraffes have a certain form of fighting called necking. These battles can sometimes be fatal. The longer the neck and heavier the head there will be a greater force of a hit. If a

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