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Have you ever wondered what giraffes ancestors looked like? Giraffes are elegant and fascinating animal,they are mostly known for their fascinating distinct features. A giraffe was once a gift fit for an emperor, and the emperor of China decided to give the emperor of India the same gift. Giraffes are the tallest animal averaging 16 to 20ft tall, the second tallest animal is the African elephant which is 8 feet tall. Giraffes are great examples of animals that have adapted to their habitat. Their long necks allow them to reach high to eat off of high trees, while still being able to swing their necks low to drink from the ground. This animal has a calm and easygoing life. Giraffes involved over the years and they will continue to involve in the future.

As we all know giraffes have incredibly long necks and are varied in color from light tan to black. They have markings on their fur that are identical to a human's fingerprint. Male giraffe’s grows up to 18 feet and the female giraffe reaches up to 14 feet tall . Colors that giraffes are commonly found in giraffes are white, tan, red, brown, black . Giraffes also have very long legs, that measure up to 6 feet. They have two small ossicones on the top of their heads that are known as horns that are covered with their furs and
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In a single day a baby giraffe can grow over two inches, and double their height in one year. While the calf gets older the mother teaches the calf to protect itself from predators the mother also guards their calves by keeping them very close to them at all times. If a mother giraffe needs to leave her calf for a reason, for example go find food she will leave it in a small group of other calves. Another way giraffes raises their young is by teaching them to hide by camouflaging their skin while their parents go fight the

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