Girl Child Education

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Education of Girls:

Even after fifty-five years of independence of India, girls in India do not have the opportunities to educate themselves, in spite of education being fundamental rights in the constitution of India. Mann Deshi Mahila Bank (women Bank) and Mann Vikas Samajik Sanstha (NGO) consider their primary task to work on education of girls. If women have assets and are educated they would never be vulnerable as they are today.

Women’s bank and NGO have annual meeting to gather, and members of both the organization who are women, every year they take up the campaign for the social issues. In 1999, the campaign was taken up on “women will not kill female fetus”, which was against sex determination test. Since
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Our NGO with the partnership of Women Bank have started to work on education of girls.

To start with we are providing the bicycles to girls who may drop out because higher secondary school is far and there is no public transport and their parents cannot afford to buy bicycle. We have started the program of adopting girl child and providing bicycles our fifteen self help group have adopted ten-girl child and have made bicycle available to them. Once they are in the school, then the second move would be to provide books. We have already started providing the books, in 2002; we provided books to 56 girls. As the magnitude of the problem is very high, NGO has plan out the program with the coordination of the micro credit program, which is discussed below.

Book banks:

Many children in urban areas buy books and they either sell off their books, if students are appealed to donate the books, we can be able to generate books for the needy and even buy new books if needed, local donors can help us in this matter. Self-help groups will take Book bank responsibility with the senior students; this will also create the atmosphere of promoting education in the villages.

Monitoring of the drop out of girls students from the school:

In 225 villages NGO and the women Bank have set up the self help group for micro saving and credit group leaders will be in regular touch with the Government school in villages and would monitor if there is

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