Girl, Interrupted By Susana Kaysen

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Summary: The novel, Girl, Interrupted is a memoir of author Susana Kaysen’s life and her journey through early adulthood as she suffered with Borderline Personality Disorder. The novel captures her time at McLean Hospital, a psychiatric hospital located in Belmont, Massachusetts. Kaysen divides the novel into separate anecdotes of events and fellow patients she encountered during the two years she was admitted at Mclean. Kaysen was only eighteen-years-old on April 27, 1967 when she was first admitted into the medium-security ward of McLean. Her voluntary admission came after an attempted suicide using fifty aspirin. During her time in McLean, Kaysen received treatment in many forms including- medication, therapy and analysis. She met a variety of all suffering from different psychological and psychiatric illnesses. A few of these fellow patients include: Lisa, Georgina, Polly, Lisa Cody and Daisy to name a few. Not only does Kaysen share stories with these fellow patients, but she also discusses everyday routines. For example, she went into detail about the “checks” that occurred at five, fifteen and thirty minute intervals to ensure the safety of the patients. She also described the weekly trips to the ice cream shop. Kaysen also went into detail about the staff that worked at McLean, including head nurse Valerie who was the nurse patients felt the most comfortable with. It was clear from her anecdotes that McLean had become a sense of home for Kaysen. Kaysen was

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