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Girl, Interrupted
Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a serious psychiatric illness. People that are diagnosed with this disorder suffer from an intense pattern of affective instability, extreme difficulties in interpersonal relationships, problems with behavioral or impulse control, and disrupted cognitive processes. The estimated prevalence of BPD in the general adult population is about 2%, mostly affecting young women. Susanna Kaysen was born on November 11, 1948 in Cambridge, Massachusetts to Carl and Annette Kaysen. Susanna attended high school at the Commonwealth School in Boston, and also The Cambridge School. In 1967, at the age of 18 she was sent to McLean Hospital to undergo psychiatric treatment for depression. She was
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Distortions in thinking and sense of self are a part of this disorder. Suzanna exhibits this throughout the movie. While Susanna is talking with her therapist in the hospital, she tells him that she has no bones in her hands, and when he asked her how she opened the bottle of aspirin her response was that they just reappeared. People with BPD often have suicide attempts and substance abuse in their history, along with self-mutilation. They may feel unfairly misunderstood or mistreated, bored, empty, and have little idea who they are. Such symptoms are most acute when people with BPD feel isolated and lacking in social support, and may result in frantic efforts to avoid being alone by acting out. People with BPD exhibit other impulsive behaviors, such as excessive spending, binge eating and risky sex. She exhibits spontaneous damaging behaviors that are mainly sexual. She has an affair with her English professor who was married. And also has sex with two different guys in one day.
This disorder occurs in most by early adulthood. The unstable pattern of interacting with others persists for years and is usually closely related to the person’s self-image and early social interactions. The pattern is present in a variety of settings, and often is accompanied by a similar fluctuation in a person’s emotions and feelings. Relationships and the person’s emotion may often be characterized as being shallow. People with BPD often have odd thinking and

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