Girl Jamaica Kincaid Analysis

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Binta Ceesay
ENGL 294 World Literature
Assignment # 2
Write essay answers, providing examples from the stories, for the following questions. Submit your assignment to D2L and bring a hard copy to class on November 2

Questions on “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid

1. Summarize the story in one to two paragraphs
The Girl is a short story by Jamaica Kincaid. In the story there is a dialogue between a mother and daughter where the mother is advising and guiding her daughter. It seems like the mother is the main speaker considering her tone and use commands therefore the daughter is the protagonist; the story is written in such a way that the reader feels that they are the daughter receiving all that advice from their mother.
This story actually similar to my mother and I, just like the main speaker in the story, my mother is always advising me and always commanding me to do the right thing; even though sometimes her commands might come out as harsh but deep down inside I know she loves and wants the best for me. Same as in “Girl” the mother is trying to advise and command the daughter to behave properly and somethings her words might seem harsh such as when she said “slut” but I know deep down inside her, she loves and wants the best for her daughter. In the story the mother teaches the daughter to be story and independent women, she teaches her how to manage a house, husband and how to cook. Answer the following questions:
2. Consider the structure of the story, the order in which the author presents the pieces of advice. How important is the organization of information, and what meaning does the organization convey?
Although the daughter doesn’t seem to have yet entered puberty since it says in the story that she still plays with marbles, the mother fears that with her present behavior, she might grow in to the type of woman that her mother don’t want her to be. The mother considers a woman’s reputation regulates the condition of her life in society. Therefore, the mother feels the need that her daughter’s sexuality must be guarded correctly to maintain a good reputation in her community. I feel like when the mother advice the daughter about “squeezing bread before buying it” is a form of advice on how to respect

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