Girl Who Raised Pigeons

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One of my favorite post-modernist authors that I read this semester was, Edward P. Jones. Jones book of short stories,‘Lost In The City’ was released in 1992. I specifically enjoyed the story, ‘The Girl Who Raised Pigeons’ because it was poetic, beautiful, and exposed the brutal reality of breaking up a neighborhood. The historical context of the story takes place in the late 1950s. I believe that Jones’ intentions in this story was to show how supportive and helpful everyone is in the neighborhood in the surrounding Washington DC area. With the emphasis on street names, peoples job descriptions, landmarks, store names, and the welcoming people mentioned within the story, it becomes obvious that Jones’ depicts how helpful the people in the…show more content…
I want to focus on the story ‘Sweat’ because it happened to be my favorite from the selected female authors we read this semester. I was very struck by the story because Hurston wasn’t afraid to speak her mind, and represents women even in a male-dominated culture. The story ‘Sweat’ takes place in a rural setting. Hurston tends to focus on relationships and conflicts in her writing. In this story, Delia is a hardworking woman. She is also strong, despite being in an abusive relationship. Her husband is portrayed as rude, and clearly doesn’t appreciate anything she does. The narrator also tells the reader how young and beautiful Delia used to look before her abusive marriage. The husband in the story is upset and mad at white people. However, Delia has to work so she defends herself and her job. The story ends with a snake bite that kills her husband. However, he was the one who brought it in the house to scare and more than likely kill Delia. I believe that Hurston’s intentions were to represent a strong female woman who held no regards for a man who mistreated her. I also believe that her intended audience was for females in general. By making Delia hardworking and strong, she is a woman who represents female empowerment. By doing so, Hurston makes women more aware that they don’t have to be consumed in a male-dominated culture, but that a woman can do as she pleases, and not have to
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