Girls And Girls Were Treated Differently

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I was raised in old fashion family. Boys and girls were treated differently. We were raised and learned the behaviors and gender role that were acceptable in our family and society. It was passing down from generation from generation; we learned what expectations from us as boys and girls are. We tend to get comfortable with the familiar and our routines. There were definitely things boys could do, but not girls. Most of all that gender equity was not for us. Not only inequality in social relationships, women and girls are being treated unfairly. We are flooded with social conditions that teach us that we live in a world of duality: male and female; man and woman; ying and yang from the moment we are born. I kept my own culture and tradition when I raised my children. Unconsciously, we decorated bedroom pink for girls and blue for boys, we buy pretty dolls for girls and balls for boys; we praise girls for their pretty hair and elegance that while boys are commended for bravery, strong and their confidence. We guide them what activities that we felt comfortable with. Even though, we were more open minded than our parents, we still teach them gender bias and segregated. Women can do things which belong to men and vice versa. However in awareness, we usually think in stereotypes - this belongs to man, the other of women. Social stereotypes always supported men in the field of occupational and leadership oriented, while for women the stereotypes attached to them with the
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