Girls Are Better Than Boys Essay examples

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Why girls are better than boys?
It seems like girls have always been smarter than boys. Throughout the years girls have proven to excel with their brains. For example, a woman was the one to discover DNA instead of a boy. Girls are hard workers, mature individuals, and more aware than any boy has dreamed of being.
Being hard working is just something most females are. They work hard to keep themselves organized. For example, my mom has always been the one to scold me for having an unorganized room, not my father. Girls are dedicated to getting their work done. The girls in my class have always done their homework and have had it ready by the time class starts, while majority of the boys are scrambling for answers at the last minute.
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They don’t bother checking what their hair looks like they just grab their bag and lunch and walk out. Meanwhile girls get up like 5 minutes before boys do and get prepared so by the time they have to go to school they are prepared. Yet again, for the twentieth consecutive year, girls have outperformed boys in both major sets of exam results, achieving 8.3% of their A levels at A* grade (compared to 7.9% for boys).
Well in my opinion girls smell way better than boys do for example: when my brother wakes up in the morning he smells like a guy that’s never had a shower for ten days.
Lastly girls are said to be very well prepared for what the day throws at them by
Taking everything and using it so they can help everyone around them. Girls have better listening skills. Boys can hear stuff but as it is being heard it goes out the other because they are not focused on what is being said their focused on other things like for example: my mum asked my dad to go shopping one day and she said here’s a list of things I want you to get but she forgot to write one or two items so she told him this is not on the list remember it nappy’s and tissues. He went to the supermarket and bought everything that was on the list then he remembered that she said two items to him but forgot
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