Girls Are Born Gay Research Paper

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Their is a lot of controversy whether guys and girls are born gay or if they chose to be. Many research projects have been conducted to looking further into homosexuality. It has been found of many ways that you are born gay. They do not know exactly for what reason, but they do know that the environment can not change it, that there are differences, and it is inherited. I believe you are born with homosexuality. It can be inherited through the maternal genes (The Real Story on Gay Genes| Sex & Gender| DISCOVER Magazine.). It is a stretch of where the chromosome gene was resided. Being born gay shows with identical twins. They have proven that there is a fifty percent change of both twins being homosexual if one is. This is because the DNA of the identical twins appear to be very similar to each other. If there was a fraternal twin that was gay, the other has a twenty percent chance. Fraternal twins do not share the same DNA. They have also looked in to methylation.…show more content…
The environment can not change a person in this way (The Real Story on Gay Genes| Sex & Gender| DISCOVER Magazine.) Experts have used studies of surgically shifted boys to girls.(Gay Genes': Science Is on the Right Track, We're Born This Way.). These studies show that by raising a girl they will still grow up liking women. This is because they were born heterosexually and that is the way their brain think. The brain patterns work differently on the way homosexual and heterosexuals think. You do not choose who you fall in love with, it is decided for you. Homosexuality works in the same way as personality and culture. Over time researchers have learned a lot about homosexuality. They have come to the conclusion that it is not from the environment, they find differences in brain patterns and structure of the bodies then heterosexuals, and it can be inherited throw the mothers x-chromosome. Homosexuals do not decide, they are born this
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