Girls Bedding Research

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Before we have even been born, society gives us so many expectations that we are supposed to live up to. When told by the doctor that you are going to be a girl, a baby shower is thrown and everything is pink. Pink is the color associated with the soft and more feminine side, while blue is the strong and more masculine side. Girls are given dolls and pretend kitchens while boys are given toy guns and cars. While they might not notice as kids, you begin to learn what is expected of you as you grow up, which can lead to many unnecessary problems. There has always been a separation of males and females and the way they are raised and taught, even what jobs they take on. Over time these have become more of gender boundaries. I believe that this behavior and way of thinking can, over time, have a negative impact on the way we are upbringing children today. When walking through the store, you see specific isles for “Girls Toys” or “Girls Bedding”, but what if you wanted a toy gun or liked one of the boy comforters? Target is starting to shy away from this by becoming gender neutral to please more of the customers. They don’t want…show more content…
What about a job you wanted to pursue but were told you couldn’t? What about not getting paid as much as a coworker of the opposite sex? According to TNS Research Surveys, 68 percent of women surveyed believe gender discrimination exists in the workplace. A chick mechanic? Cool. A Male hairdresser? Probably gay. Female body builder? She must want to be a man. Male babysitter? Probably a creep. These stereotypes are constantly being put upon people who are thought to be different than another. Everyone should be allowed to be their own person without being judged on who they are. Everyone should be allowed to be able to follow their dreams and make the most of their career. Some people have different interests than one another and should not be judged solely on
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