Girls Like Us : Jake 's P.o

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GIRLS LIKE US Jake’s P.O.V As the music became quiet and the lights dimmed everyone started to make their way home, I checked the time realising it was 2:30am it made sense to start heading home. I carried Jess out to the front lawn of the house after cleaning her up after the mess she made of herself, I was trying to get her to make sense and tell me where her car was and her keys, it felt almost impossible. My phone started ringing, retrieving it from my pocket I looked at the caller ID, and a private number. I answered and held the phone against my ear. For a moment no noise came and then a noise that sounded like someone exhaling, shortly after a voiced spoke. “The Burgundy House” the voice spoke sharply ending the call. Turning back…show more content…
I take a step back breathing deeply, I shake all thoughts from my head remembering there is a task to be done. Shutting the door with a light thud I rest my head in my crossed arms on the hood of the car. It was dark and becoming stormy, street lights became luminous on the dimmed roads as I headed towards West Hollywood. Hearing Jessica’s moans from the back seat I begin to panic. Quickly pulling the car over I grab a cloth from the glove box and a bottle of chloroform, I feel the guilt raise inside me as I pour the liquid into the cloth. I reach over to her and place the cloth to her lips, watching as her breaths in the anaesthetic. Frustration builds as I feel the need to reach my destination. Finally reaching Santa Monica Blvd I stop the car out the front of the Burgundy House that looked expensive it appeared to be a brothel with lots of men lining out the front behind red velvet ropes. I turned off the engine. I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket, answering it a low gravelly male voice answers, “Got the girl?” He asks. “Out front now, what do you want done with her?” I ask as I open the back door grazing down on her sleeping form. “Bring her through the back, I want to see her.” He answers fierce before ending the call. I retrieve Jessica from the back seat and make
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