Girls Night Out

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GIRLS NIGHT OUT For many young women around the world, a night out often brings about safety and security concerns. In the documentary I have chosen, five women from different cities (Kampala, Ottawa, Rio, Ramallah and Melbourne) tell us about their experiences, about precautions they take in order to feel secure and about how men treat them when they are out for a night. Albeit women from different countries or different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds experience the obstacles to their security in different levels, we cannot deny the fact that nearly all women around the world are having a hard time feeling comfortable when they are out for night. For starters, these five women all state that they do not feel safe walking alone at night, even though it is a safe neighborhood. “As a woman, you have to know and accept that you are at a greater risk and you are not supposed to let your guard down “ says a 23-year old Canadian woman who, in general assumes Canada is a good place to be a woman; while a 22 year-old journalist from West Bank says when she walks on her own at night, she constantly looks over her shoulder, sometimes even pretends that she is on the phone with her father when she sees a group of guys walking beside her. In male dominated societies all around the world, women are indoctrinated always to be cautious; or else, they will pay for it. This state of cautiousness involves wearing “decent” clothes, not walking unattended at nights in dark streets and
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