Girls Of Riyadh By Rajaa Alsanea

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The novel “Girls of Riyadh” by Rajaa Alsanea is originally written in Arabic as” Banat al Riyadh’ and translated in English as “Girls of Riyadh.” It is a conservative story which moves around the lives of four close friends who belong to an elite class. Its topic is very sensitive and related to a different world where men dress traditionally and pose themselves as ambassador of Islam but details of their everyday lives are very weird. Women of their society are standing at the cross road of two civilizations - family culture and modern world culture. This novel no doubt has the ability to shake up a conservative society. it 's the reason when this novel was, published it was taken away from the bookstores and put in the list of banned books. It gives us insight into the lives of the woman of elite class and talks about their trials and tribulations as they want to get true love in the setting of Islamic Riyadh. What makes this novel different from other fictional books is its openness about sex, and male - female relationships and it unveils Saudi life which is unexplored. All these bare facts justify its comparison with American novel “Sex and the City” in which four American women are searching their love but those women belong to Manhattan who are bold and open but it is the story of Abaya girls who keep themselves covered from head to toe but conduct love affairs secretly. It reveals the feminine experience in oppressive and restrictive environment of Islamic

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