Girls of Slender Means

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Joanna’s and Jane’s lifestyles. The Girls of Slender Means by Murial Spark is a novel about the girls who lived in the May of Teck Club during the year of 1945. There are many characters involved, but the one’s who caught my attention the most are Jane Wright and Joanna Childe. They represent different aspects of ideas, lifestyles and, also, have different perspectives on the “World of Books.” Joanna Childe was the daughter of a country rector. She was very intelligent, had “...strong obscure emotions” (8), and “...religious strength” (165). She was very well build. “Joanna Childe was large...” (9), “... fair and…show more content…
From how Joanna was described in the novel, we can see that she liked the past more than the present. She wanted to preserve the old traditions she grew up with. The example of that would be her love life. When she fallen in love with the first curate, he didn’t return her feeling and she “...had decided that this was to be the only love of her life” (22). She didn’t return the feelings of the second curate, who loved her, because she had “...the notion that a nice girl should only fall in love once in her life” (23). Another example would be her ideas about the Prayer Book. Nancy Riddle, one of Joanna’s students, mentioned that the Prayer Book was “...out of date” (99) to which Joanna answered: “The Prayer Book is wonderful. There was a new version got up in 1928, but Parliament put it out. Just as well, as it happened” (101). It is obvious that she wanted to leave everything just as it was before. Probably that is the reason why Joanna died at the end of the book. After the bomb exploded, the fireworkers were trying to rescue girls, who were trapped in the club from the window at the roof. Joanna was the last to climb, but she “...stooped to pick up the tape-measure which was lying on the floor” (100). Unfortunately, “the house sank into its centre, a high heap of rubble, and Joanna went with it” (161). I think

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