Gitchie Girl Analysis

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Gitchie Girl “We’re with the police! Come out with your hands up” (Hamman, 55.) Sandra Cheskey, a thirteen year old girl, who survived a horrific encounter at Gitchie Manitou along with four of her other good friends has a amazing but scary story. Sandra being the youngest of four, loved to go out and do crazy things with her friends, until one night when the group of five ventured out to Gitchie and decided to smoke and drink. Sandra would've been taken as a nice, kind girl who cared for everything and anything, she was never too naughty, never did anything of the sort like drinking or smoking. Taking care of many more responsibilities than she needed too, following a Christian church and spending time with her grandma and grandpa helping out with her grandpa's farm were just some of the things she loved to do. Her grandpa once said, “You’re a kind girl. God did good with you” (Hamman 8.) Debbie, Sandra's best friend, introduced her to a boy named Roger while they were at the Starlight drive-in movie theater. Sandra was never a big fan of boys when Roger made her feel rather special, once they started talking Roger then invited Sandra to go see a movie the following weekend, so Roger picked her up to go see the movie Night of the Living Dead. As regular dates continued Roger asked Sandra if she would want to go out to Gitchie Manitou, of course Sandra replied yes and was picked up later that night and they drove out there. Once the five teenagres got out to Gitchie they found a fire pit that was already made as if someone had just been there, Dana was putting more logs into the fire pit and suddenly stood up and said, “Did you guys hear something?” (Hamman 36.) Suddenly Stew had taken a bullet, then Mike, Dana, and finally Stewart. The men that had shot at them claimed that they were cops and called themselves The Boss, J.R. and Hatchet Face. Sandra asked herself many questions like, ‘If he’s a cop, he would've answered my questions’ or ‘Wouldn't a real police man let me sit down?’ but she never said anything out loud because she didn’t want to make the men mad. Sandra had been the only one left in the car alone with J.R. he started making commands at her and soon J.R. had raped Sandra. The idea was to kill

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