Github and Social Computing Essay

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“GitHub is the best place to share code with friends, co-workers, classmates, and complete strangers.” --GitHub
GitHub, which was found in 2008, is now the largest and most popular open source code repository site. It is over three million users building software better, together and over five million repositories being host on GitHub. GitHub is not only a platform for reversion control for software development projects, but also a collaborative community with lots of active “hackers” in it.
Git revision control system is the core of GitHub, which means every single project no matter how large or small it is, is implementing Git. The main processes in Git software
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Another main set of players in GitHub is the owners of project. Owners can be individual or companies. Some project owners are also developers in other projects. For the owners of open source project, they want as many as possible developers to build a high quality and bug free projects with high efficiency and low cost. While, they are easy to face a dilemma that too many developing branches from different users, which are sometimes incompatible with each other. Project owners are required to spend plenty of time on identifying which change is good for the whole project.

For GitHub, they always want to have more users and more repositories on their system. They provide a stable platform to encourage more people participate and contribute to keep the whole community active. They provide free hosting for all open source repository, while users have to pay some fee to obtain private repositories or to develop enterprise project on GitHub.

GitHub provides free download for all open source projects. Users can sign up an account and download the codes as many as they want. All open source projects should be pure public good. In the open source collective system like GitHub, it is essential to keep the community active. Users’ participation and contribution in

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