Give Examples of/Describe Current Legislation, Guidelines; Policies and Procedures Within Own Uk Home Nation Affecting the Safeguarding of Children and Young People.

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There are several pieces of legislation today that play an important role in the safeguarding of children and young people within the care setting. The most well-known of these is the Children’s Act 1989, and the revision of it in 2004, which includes the Every Child Matter policies. The Children’s Act 1989 came into full force in the latter months of 1991 and introduced several new key principles that included: • The concept of Parental Responsibility; • The ability for unmarried parents to share the responsibility of caring for the child by agreement with the other parent (predominantly the father getting agreement from the mother), though joint registration at birth and a court order; • The local authority to provide support and…show more content…
This is why the following pieces of legislation have also come into form and are used alongside one another to ensure a child is safe and protected: • Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006, which ensures children with learning difficulties or disabilities are not discriminated against and receive the same protection and safeguarding as any other child; • Children and Young Peoples Act 2008, which ensures all children and young people receive social work services, accommodation, well-being, education, money and protection orders – all of which ensure the child is safe and looked after; • Working Together to Safeguard Children, which came out of the Children’s Act 2004 and sets out how organisations (such as SACCS) and individuals should work together to safeguard and promote the child’s welfare. As well as all of the above, within the SACCS company there is a specific piece of legislation that focuses on safeguarding. This is the Safeguarding Policy 19.1. The aim of this policy is: “to support the achievement of successful safeguarding from harm of the children in [our] care according to company protocols and procedures and in compliance with UK legislation”[5]. The idea of the policy is to ensure the five Every Child Matters outcomes are being met (7 for the Welsh children within the company), and that the 24 outcomes of the SACCS Recovery
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