Give People Shares Of Gdp

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Give People Shares of GDP
The articles gives a compares a country to a corporation . In order to finance its operations, a corporation uses a combination of debt and equity. While countries rely only on Debt. The author therefore propose that countries should act like corporations and also issue shares to the public. The authors call this country shares Trills. The author¬ strongly agree to the fact that if countries replace debt with earnings of their economies, it will help a long way in solving economy crises. Issuing shares implies that the countries will eventually pay dividend on this shares. The price of the shares of the country will fluctuate as new information about the country is known. A positive outlook of the economy will result to a rise in dividend while a negative outlook to a fall in dividend. Additionally, the author strongly agree that dividends on Trills will be much more expensive than dividends on shares because countries grow on a positive rate higher than that of corporations. Furthermore, Trills according to the author can be used as a worldwide investment if an investor buys Trills from different countries across the world. The author emphasized on the simplicity of Trills compared to debt and how Trills can help to mitigate paying high interest rates. Since interest rates on debt are relatively fixed and countries have to pay them regardless of the state of the economy, it may be disastrous for the country if the economy is not in an…
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