Give a Boy a Gun - Characters

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Chelsea Baker – new student on the Middletown high school
Citation: It’s like, are you in the popular crowd or not?

Beth Bender – teacher on the Middletown high school.
Brendan was called in her office one day. He says just about “yes, ma’amed” and “no, ma’amed”. Yes ma’am, everything is fine. No ma’am, I don’t have a problem with anyone. But you could see the pain and anger in his eyes.
Citation: What Brendan and Gary did was terribly, horribly, inexcusably wrong. I have no interest in defending them. But deep in my heart there is a little piece of me that at least understands what might have driven them to such a horrendous, evil undertaking. But what those boys did was equally inexcusable and evil.

Brett Betzig – Brendan’s
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Sam is not self-critical at all because he says on page 58/59,, those guys, especially Brendan, it was like he always wanted to start something like he went out of his way to ask for it”.
Even in the end of the story he is not willing to see his own faults because he says on page 152 ,,Did I do anything that a thousand other guys at a thousand other schools have not done? Sorry folks, I’m not forgiving them EVER”.
I think he excuses his own misbehaviours in relation to Brendan and Gary with the argument that thousand other people act the same way to outsiders like he does and does not see that exactly this kind of behaviour is the cause for outsiders to freak out.

Dick Flanagan – Brendan’s English teacher in the 9. Class
Citation: I’m not sure I believe in miracles, but ever since that night, I definitely believe in angels. Only you never know who they might be or what form they might take. If Allison Findley could be an angel, anyone could.

Ruth Hollington – Gary’s teacher in the 4. Class of the Middletown elementary school

Emily Kirsch – Brendan’s former friend

Stuart McEvoy – Gary’s teacher in the 6. Class on the Middletown middle school

Jack Phillips – neighbour from Brendan
Citation: Brendan learned That weapons in the house, because he saw me carrying the case to the car one day when I went (to a gun show) (Page 65)
Brendan was very interested, very respectful. He wouldn’t touch a gun
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