Given the Honor to Participate in the National Honor Society

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It is a great honor to be given the opportunity to participate in National Honor Society. It makes me feel good that all of my hard work so far is being recognized. I believe that i have all of the qualities you feel is needed to be a part of NHS, such as scholarship, service, leadership, and character. I would love to be apart of NHS so i can grow as a person and be around people who share the same goals as i do. I have been doing great at school so far in my high school career. I have a 4.1 grade point average, due to my being in a pre a.p. math class and also getting straight a’s. I am doing really great at all of my classes, although my favorite is math. this is one of the reasons I am in junior math as a sophomore. I am also apart of the A+ program where i get the chance to tutor kids of all ages, I have not been able to tutor kids yet because i am only a sophomore, but i hope to be able to tutoring kids! I also get to go to fifth grade camp or safety town with the A+ program. To me these experiences aren’t just ways to get service hours they are ways to be role models to kids, which is a great thing to be. At my dad’s old work, Keane Insurance Group, they had a charity called to Haiti Orphan Project. Which was a charity organization formed to help the orphans in haiti get the supplies they desire and want, after the big earthquake in 2010 that happened there. I have volunteered many times for their 5k they host to raise money for the orphans. They also raise money so
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