Giving Advice For Communication Tech Users

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Giving Advice to Communication Tech Users Communication is involved in both virtual setting and face to face settings. You may not think so, but it is true. There is a lack of effective communication in a email that people may not realize. It really depends on who you are sending that email to. If you are talking to someone who is like a friend, boy friend or girlfriend, or relative, you may text them with emojois and exclamation marks. Now, if you were sending an email to a doctor, a lawyer, or for a job application, it would be completely different. You would sound more mature. Do you see the difference? Although, it is important to have effective communication in every single email, it does not matter who you are talking to. Here are some mistakes people make sending an email, and also solutions to make the email better and have effective communication.
 Mistake: People are not clear with their messages: This can make the person that is reading this very confused. They are not getting the main idea across of what the email is about. Then you two would keep going back and forth with emails.
 Solution: How to make your email clear and specific is to look at the email as an outline for writing a one page essay. That means make bullet points for the parts you want to say in your email. You want to make it clear and short. Don’t make your email sound like a list of things because you may repeat the same thing. You want the person who is reading the email to have…
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