Giving An Education By Adrienne Rich

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1. Women-directed education provides society with a more intellectual understanding of their history, however, education cannot provide the necessary means in order to live life actively and allow women to become committed to themselves. In Adrienne Rich’s piece titled “Claiming an Education”, Rich delves into this concept of having women as subjects. She explains that although the presence of women’s studies reflects a bold perspective and exhibits a great way to gain a critical basis for their experiences, it is just as important as “taking responsibility towards your selves” (Rich, Shaw and Lee 29). Curriculum courses alone cannot allow women to go out and explore their options in the world in order to live a meaningful life. The transformation of knowledge took place when individuals challenged previously unquestioned knowledge, the result of which ultimately affected the marginalization of women and heightened consciousness.

2. Gender arrangements play a role in separating male and female which gives society the opportunity to view one specific group as higher than the other. This is also partly due to different genders having differing talents or qualities which helps establish oppression. Social class, race, ethnicity and sexual identity all take part in creating systems of power and establishing privilege over certain communities (Shaw and Lee 32).

1. Regimes of truth have an immensely strong base that stems from science and religion. Science…

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