Giving Doctors What They Need To Avoid Burnout : Article Review

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The article I had read is, “Giving Doctors What They Need to Avoid Burnout” on the Harvard Business Review. The article discusses the topic of leadership in the healthcare industry. I have chosen to read about this article due to my father being in the medical industry and a business owner himself. It had caught my interest as with the recent health care reforms and changes in the medical field, it allowed me to take a front row perspective in seeing what my father is experiencing. A study has been conducted and analyzed the productivity, quality, services, happiness and overall success of doctors. Due to recent reforms in health care and changes with the affordable health care act, doctors are now having to work harder and increase…show more content…
In order to properly understand the study correctly, it is important to understand the two major driving forces in which were used to measure and judge “self-perceived capability.” The first measure was the decision-making latitude they need to provide high quality care. The second is the necessary tools and resources. The physicians who perceived themselves as fully capable measured to be more productive and loyal. They were 61% less likely to show signs of burnout and 76% less likely to plan on leaving their current employers. This study has spread, measured, and has been tested on clinical teams as well. In short, it brought insight to the fact that physicians who work in groups that develop high performing teams enhance capability rather than rewarding individual physicians and rewarding an individual superstar. Practices in which valued teamwork more than individual performance is said to be over three times more capable and five times more willing to go above and beyond in their jobs and stay with their organizations. Furthermore, the study had showed that strong leaders are far more capable in motivating and cultivating capable physicians. To conclude, investing in personal leadership skills and nurturing/developing strong leadership at all levels should be implemented for the health care
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