Giving Thanks : A Native American Good Morning Message, By Jake Swamp Essay

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Introduction: Students will be sitting at the reading/writing rug. Talk about the book Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message, by Jake Swamp. During this discussion talk about how the Native Americans gave thanks and how we give thanks today. Students will turn their bodies, so they will be looking at the writing board (large piece of paper) instead of the reading chair. This will be a slight adjustment, but the teacher needs to make sure the students are looking at the writing board. Talk to students about presenting their thoughts in writing. Discuss thinking about brainstorming ideas before writing. Procedure: The students will sit on the reading/writing rug, this is where writing instruction happens daily. (This will be part of their daily program, so the students will be familiar with this type of whole group instruction). Tell students that today we are going to work on writing, which is focusing on what we are thankful for. The teacher will demonstrate the lesson on paper that has stripped orange paper. The teacher will write: “I am thankful for my family and friends.” While writing sound out the words with the students, use spacing tools, and capitalization, and periods. When writing thankful make sure students understand what thankful means, go over the definition. There should have been pre-teaching about the word thankful, and a poster was made. Pull out the poster and point out the main ideas of the word thankful. After writing the

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