Giving Timely, Appropriate, And Effective Feedback Can

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Giving timely, appropriate, and effective feedback can be a challenge. The situation, environment, and the audience can also make the use of feedback either easier or much more difficult. As the manager of the department, I find this to be especially true. Some of the staff are easier to provide feedback to than others. Using performance feedback guidelines can make the process more effective and efficient. Some of the guidelines include that you should provide both positive and developmental feedback quickly and in private. Additional suggestions include that you: 1. Ask for the employee’s view about what could have been done differently. 2. Be specific about what behaviors were effective or ineffective. 3. Focus on what the person…show more content…
After we reviewed the examples I had out for her, I asked her if she thought that what I was showing her was accurate and what her perception was of her own documentation. She said that what I was saying was true and told me that she knew her documentation wasn’t where it should be. She said that she could see where it would be frustrating to have to pick up the patient case where tasks were done, but there was no documentation. I showed her the documentation she had done and discussed that when she did document, it contained the elements needed and required. I asked her what she thought had happened. She relayed that when she stayed on the unit at the end of the day, that the staff continued to talk to her while she was trying to document. She also stated that she ran out of time and would plan to put an entry in the next day. I asked her what she thought could be done and she relayed that she could come back to the office before the end of her shift to document. We agreed on the time she would do this and she now follows up with appropriate documentation. I also asked her if she had any feedback for me. She stated that she felt a little concern that if she stopped to return to the office to document, she would not be able to cover as
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