Gizmo Case Study

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Chapter 4: 1. Case Study: 1, 2 and 3: 1. Two possible target markets for the Gizmo could be students and business professionals. I think the marketing strategies for each would be relational marketing because with phones you typically have two-year contracts service support. However, with students it could be more of a transactional marketing, as they may not want to keep the Gizmo as long as business professionals. If there big quantity sold the prices for the Gizmo could be marked down, however, if there were less sold than expected, the prices could be higher. The Gizmo would be convenient to these particular target markets as they would provide access to their school or business needs. 2. Going after multiple markets segments could…show more content…
When being dependable I think a new company needs to set themselves up for success rather than failure by giving themselves a few days on shipping time. Even though it might only take 8 days to deliver the smart phone, I would put 10 days on the invoice insuring customer satisfaction. Communication will be a learning process that involves IT and using tools such as EDI. Orange will need to come up with a communication process that works for them so there are no errors when transferring information. Being convenient might be the most relaxing step to the whole process. Convenience is something that people take for granted because it is easy, close, trustworthy, etc. If I were Orange I would go with one exclusive distributor because of the target market that the smart phones would go towards. I think that the “local business” part of it would be a great selling story to be apart of. Taking a step-by-step process will be a key for this smart phone to kick off. 2. Four Categories: The four categories, known as the marketing mix or the 4ps, are: product, price, place (distribution) and promotion; they directly involve supply chain management. Production, relate to brand name and functionality. They include decisions that feature product characteristics to gratify customer needs. Quality and packaging decisions are also
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