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Nelson Mandela was known as a world leader for his role in fighting apartheid and being the first multi-racial president of South Africa. His presidency created a significant change in the perception and building of a multiracial society in South Africa and around the world. Nelson Mandela was also known to be a leader of a civil rights organization known as the African National Congress. The purpose of the African National Congress was to demolish racial segregation and discrimination. The two most significant social changes made by Nelson Mandela was his uniting of a fiercely divided country and his creation of a truly democratic society in South Africa. A great leader will always fight for what they believe in. Nelson Mandela's dream…show more content…
In 1993, Nelson Mandela was elected the first multi-racial president of South Africa. During his term, he created a new constitution of law that declared majority rule and South Africa became racially united. Every race was granted their human rights in South Africa thanks to the hard work and struggles of Nelson Mandela, and his work was recognized nationally. Nelson Mandela later worked on economic improvement within South Africa and focused on issues such as poverty and AIDS.
Racial segregation and discrimination was also occurring in other parts of the world besides South Africa. Martin Luther King Jr. was a colored pastor from Montgomery, Alabama who shared a similar vision as Nelson Mandela. Martin Luther King Jr. had a vision that he could live in a world where race did not affect how others treated you and or how you lived your life. The two most significant political changes made by Martin Luther King Jr. were the abolishment of racial segregation and the granting of civil rights and equality for Negroes.
Martin Luther King Jr. started a revolution in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Martin Luther King Jr. believed in change. He wanted to put an end to the Jim Crow laws which gave Negroes economic, educational, and social disadvantages. These laws made white people more superior than the blacks. Martin Luther King Jr.’s voice was heard when he chose to boycott these laws after a woman by the name of Rosa Parks was arrested because she

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