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Chapter Four: Results Introduction Homework has been at the front of school reform since the early 1900’s. Debates over the benefits of homework include “immediate impact on the retention and understanding of the material it covers” (Cooper, 1989, p.86) and downsides of homework include “satiation, denial of access to leisure time and community activities; parental interference; cheating; and increased differences between high and low achievers” (Cooper, 2006, p.7) have led to a see-saw of support and objection regarding homework. There is support from several studies (Maltese, Tai, Fan, 2012; Cooper, Robinson, Patall, 2006; Falkenberg & Barbetta, 2013) that cite homework as a source of increasing students’ achievement level. None of the…show more content…
However, teacher selected assignments are designed for the class as a whole, not for individual students. The logical answer is to have students to select homework assignments to specifically address their particular weaknesses. A third question as follows: • Does student attitude towards homework have an effect on homework completion? The latter question is important in order to understand why students might choose to do homework or choose not to complete homework. It is important to understand how to get students to complete the homework as a practice, then following up with choice type. Data will be measured by employing a pre-test and post-test to measure the increase in knowledge of material in the following time-frame: A survey will also be given to collect data on what factors might influence students to complete homework or to decide not to complete homework. Student completion of homework will also be monitored and recorded to go along with the survey and testing data. Teacher Selected Homework Data…show more content…
There is also a direct correlation when considering raw scores, only 19 students scored a grade of ‘C or above’ on the pre-test, while the post-test yielded more than double the number from the pre-test with 36 students scoring a ‘C or above”. The paired t-test demonstrates data that supports an increase in test scores from pre-test to post-test with an absolute value recorded for t stat, 4.80 to be greater than the critical two tail of 2.00. At minimum this portion of the research highly supports use of homework as a method of increasing course

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