Gladiator by Ridly Scott Essay

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Gladiator by Ridly Scott

I am going to watch the film Gladiator by Ridly Scott. I hope to accurately describe and analyse how the director creates a feeling of tension, suspense and how overall he makes the film believable. I will not analyse the whole film, but just two of the scenes. The two scenes I have chosen are the first scene the battle of Germania and the last scene the death of the evil Emperor. ======================================================================

The points I am most likely to focus on are the camera angles, sound effects, music, the acting and the shots, also I will describe how the two scenes were made to be realistic with the aid of computer effects.

I will
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The emperor is very impressed with his performance and arranges to meet him. When asked to remove his mask and helmet Maximus turns his back on the emperor, the emperor was given the choice to kill him there and then but he declined so as to keep his popularity with the crowed. Maximus tries to escape but the emperor captures him and challenges Maximus to a fight. The emperor cheats in this fight by stabbing Maximus with a poison dagger before. In the end both Maximus and the emperor die in battle.

I will now analyse the first scene in the film, the battle of Germania. In this scene Rome battles against the barbarians of Germania. The scene and film starts with blurb that helps set the scene and draw the viewer in to the plot of the film. The blurb fades away as harmony music fades in and we, the viewers, are shown an extreme close up of Maximus's hand sweeping through the grass. The colour is very bright, and the music promotes happiness in the viewers mind. This small section of the film is his thoughts of home, the harmony music which plays has a very important role throughout the film when ever Maximus is thinking about home to drive him self on that music is played. And the first part of the first scene links the music with home for the viewer because it is the first thing in the film that you hear.

Suddenly the director chooses to have a huge contrast, the

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