Gladiatorial Contest in Rome

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Gladiatorial Contest in Rome Rome was a warrior state. Since the state was a great fighting state in their time, the wars sort of formed the gladiatorial contest in ancient Rome. The Romans were fascinated and pleasured by violence, bloodshed, and human suffering the gladiatorial games. The gladiatorial contests began at the reign of their first emperor Augustus to pay tribute to their warrior traditions. The Romans built artificial battlefields within amphitheaters in cities and towns for public entertainment. It is very obvious that gladiatorial contest were important because of the enormous size of the amphitheaters. In A.D. 80, the Colosseum, which seated fifty thousand people, was used to accompany a hundred days of…show more content…
It was then when officers of the state started producing the gladiatorial shows on a regular basis as a part of their job. Emperor Augustus restricted the gladiatorial games to two a year, limiting the aristocrats chances to receive the peoples vote for political offices. Each of the officials were forbidden to spend more on themselves than their associates. However, the emperor's rules were often broken by aristocrats due to the competitiveness of political power and prestige. Animals played a part in the gladiatorial shows also. In A.D. 108-9, Emperor Trajan gave games lasting 123 days containing 9,138 gladiators fought eleven thousand animals. In 169 B.C., sixty-three African lions and leopards, forty bears, and several elephants were murdered in a single show. Romans then started to hunt new animals such as tigers, crocodiles, giraffes, lynxes, rhinoceros, and ostriches. Some shows involved hundreds of animals in one show. All of the animals were killed for entertainment. Gladiators were heroes to their culture. Even though most of the gladiators were slaves, women were attracted to them. But gladiators were also degraded by society. They were not allowed to be buried in normal burial grounds. Women also fought in gladiatorial games also. The women fought in the arena were men fought. An example of women fighting was found on a small stone relief, depicting two female gladiators, with one breast bare, called Amazon an Achillia. Sports

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