Glamour Analysis

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Glamorous is a phrase often used today to detail various public figures. Yet, we still know peculiarly little about the element of the word glamour or the artistic taste behind its significance. Glamour is existence that is difficult to define, but is instantly substantial. Our society inundate photographs that revolve around hollywood movie stars. In my own words, glamour is an unreal quality that uplifts an individual into the dimension of something else, their natural beauty and desire is above anything we see in everyday life. The it factor causes us to be captivated with movie stars as making it an essential of glamour. Glamour portraits a certain style to be recognizable, it portrays and image of a star, not the person or…show more content…
She lived a short life and died at age 26. She died June 7, 1937 of uremic poisoning brought about from kidney failure. Jean achieved No. 22 on the American Film Institute and became first movie actress to appear on the cover of Life Magazine. Where does glamour come from? Glamour recognition in the 1930s from Hollywood film industry. During the 1930s publicity agents from hollywood concentrated on advertising the actress on film, advertising these stars was a main source to photograph them. The photo had to get audiences attention right away, without fail, every time. This photograph is categorized as a glamour portrait. Photographers back in these times took glamour portraits that are characterized by close up frame, a sharp focus, and high contrast lighting. An essential element in the modern construction of glamour is recognized role of photography. George Hurrell work literature has traced these origins. However, Hurrell was recruited by MGM in the 1930 as the in house studio portrait photographer and also known as the glamour portrait. George Hurrell was the Master of Hollywood Glamour, was born on June 1, 1904, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Hurrell came from a catholic family and had five siblings. George Hurrell had in mind to first sign up at the Quigley Seminary in Chicago to become a priest. He then later decided to go to art school, after his high school graduation he enrolled in Chicago Art Institute since art was one of
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