Glamour Of Body Image Essay

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Imagine you are at your local grocery store and you look at the magazine rack. It features the latest GQ Magazine. Nothing seems out of the ordinary. The covers for magazines usually showcase half dressed women. At first glance, you may think that it is made the way it’s made just to make you stop and look, but is it more to it than that? According to John Berger, Publicity us a competitive medium that benefits the consumer. Magazine advertisements use this to keep society in a competition with each other. The GQ cover uses the glamour of Kate Upton to do just that. What is “Glamour”? In John Berger’s Ways of Seeing he defines glamour as “the state of being enviable” (Berger, 132). Publicity only exists to make society feel lesser of themselves and feel the need to buy things in order to better themselves. As a society, we feel that we have to keep up with the latest. We want to seem to be more than what we actually are. Berger states that “being envied is a form of reassurance.” (Berger, 133) What I felt Berger meant by this is, if someone is envying you and what you have then you are a more powerful person, you are considered “better”. In society, everyone wants to be this “better” person. They want…show more content…
At first glance, you just assume it’s the same old stuff. Another magazine with an attractive person on the cover. Originally I saw it only as trying to make other women feel lesser about themselves because they don’t look like Kate Upton. I rarely even look at them anymore. I would have never thought twice at the way the model was looking into the camera either. It’s just something they have to do for a photo shoot. Berger’s book helped me see that there are always a deeper meaning to things. It is not always black and white, there can be gray areas. The way you look and the things you have will always define you. Ways of Seeing also helped me know the meaning behind
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