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Timeline Southern Arizona; (21 April 1963 – 20 April 1964); 3 years old The first major event that stuck with Jeannette Walls started when she was cooking hot dogs alone at only age three, and she accidentally lit herself on fire. This was definitely an impacting event on her, not only because it is her first memory, but it was also traumatic. “Juju, our black mutt, was watching me. I stabbed one of the hot dogs with a fork and bent over and offered it to him. The wiener was hot, so Juju licked at it tentatively, but when I stood up and started stirring the hot dogs again, I felt a blaze on my right side.”(9) Western Desert; (21 April 1960 – 20 April 1965); 1-5 years old The book revolves around the idea of the Glass Castle,…show more content…
Since she and her brother were still so young, they didn’t quite understand the concept of the Green Lantern, but this opened their minds to begin questioning the sexuality of human beings. “‘What happened?’ I asked. “‘Nothing much,’ Brian said. “‘What did you talk about?’ “‘I asked her what goes on inside the Green Lantern,’ he said. “‘Really?’ I was impressed. ‘What did she say?’ “‘Nothing much,’ he said. ‘She told me that men came in and the women there were nice to them.’”(63) Welch, West Virginia; (1 November 1970 – 30 November 1970) 10 years old After a month of trekking across the country, Jeannette Walls and her family arrive in Welch, West Virginia and settle for a while with her grandmother, grandfather, and uncle. This was most likely an impacting place to Walls because it was her first notable location on the eastern side of the nation. “At dusk, we approached a bend where hand-painted signs advertising auto repairs and coal deliveries had been nailed to trees along the roadside. We rounded the bend and found ourselves in a

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