Glass Castle by Jenette Walls

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Wall’s Parents Philosophy on Life The Glass Castle, a memoir by Jeannette Walls reveals one look into a dysfunctional family. This personal memoir is full of lessons of redemption and reliance for all. Jeannette and her siblings thrived with parents whose beliefs and stubborn ways of life, changed their children’s’ lives forever. Though their parent’s dreadful actions, the children tried to fend for them. Rex, a very brilliant man, when sober and Rose Mary, an inspirational artist, when not a panhandler risked their own lives daily. Even though Rex and Rose Mary’s lives were unstable at times, they would instill lessons into their children. Their philophies in life I believe relied on one another, which taught their children some…show more content…
Jeannette’s parents teach their children to dream big. Jeannette’s mom who has a desire to be an artist and writer tries her best to do so. In times when she is not an addict, she was focused on achieving her dream, but never embraces being a parent. Rose Mary can be known as an “excitement addict”. When she cooked a meal for her family, the mission had to fulfilled in at least fifteen minutes. She knew if she forced on her dream, she knew the painting she would create would last forever. Not providing for her family with a concrete occupation resulted in running out of money. When money ran scarce, they retreated to the mining town of West Virginia. Moving happened often, because the romance of the wandering life faded away. Rex never tried in his power to escape from being penniless. The only solution he figured out was to steal money from the grocery store. When he followed through with this action, he disappeared for days not allowing the money to be used for his family. One immense dream, Rex had been living in a glass castle, where he would see all the imperfections of the world. Jeannette’s parents tried to embrace in their children, to live life to its extent. As you can imagine, the parents lived mostly on the wild side. Rose Mary, a drug addicts who worries about herself constantly. She endlessly searches through garbage and panhandles for money, usually forgetting everything that is occurring at the exact moment. If

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