Glass Ceiling in Corporate America Essay

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The Glass Ceiling: Fact or Illusion

The glass ceiling is it a fact or an illusion? The two words “Glass Ceiling” are used to describe the barrier that exists for women and minorities-when it comes to getting promoted into the upper echelons of a company. Does the ceiling exist or is it a figment of the imagination? The writer intentions are to present a picture of that ceiling, and show how it plays a part in corporate America. That in fact the ceiling is an injustice being done to women and minorities, and it does exist.
Glass is clear, something that can be seen through. A ceiling is the overhead surface of a room, the end point of how high the room is. “If glass ceilings existed, they would allow people to see through to the world
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It seems to be that the biggest barrier to women and minorities at top management levels is the bunch of boys sitting around a table making all the decisions. In other words when a decision has to be made concerning who should be promoted to senior management, male corporate leaders are inclined to select people as much like themselves as possible - so there is no astonishment that women and minorities are often not even considered at promotion time. The guys at the top look at their former colleagues and old school ties as resource pools.
The first light was shed by the bipartisan Glass Ceiling Commission report on corporate America’s dismal record of advancing women and minorities to upper-level management and decision-making positions. “U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich headed the commission. The results are stark. In 1992, white males, while making up only 43% of the total labor force at Fortune 1,000 Industrial and Fortune 500 Service companies, were 97% of the senior level decision making positions. The paper includes multiple examples of the biased policies many-but not all-white corporate officers’ employ to support their exclusionary decisions”. (Black Enterprise, Sept 1995 v26 n2 p22).

Minority men and women still lag behind in holding high management positions. It tends to be that those who are fortunate enough to get promoted into those positions serve only as tokens, or as company quotas that have to be

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