Glass Menagerie Disadvantages

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The Glass Menagerie Essays Prompt One The characters in The Glass Menagerie are theorized to be based off of people in Tennessee Williams’s life. The Wingfield family are supposedly similar to Tennessee’s own kin. With that, all of the characters in the play have their strong points and weaknesses in their personalities. Tom, the son in the Wingfield family, works in a warehouse. He dreams of adventure and longs for some sense of purpose beyond the town that he lives in. Although he takes care of his family’s financial stability, he clashes with them constantly. Tom and his mother, Amanda, argue very often, for example when he gets irritated by her interrupting his writing. Tom rants, “Look, Mother—I haven’t got a thing, not a single thing left in this house that I can call my own,” (1.3). Tom lets all of his anger out at once, building it up until the moment he snaps. Instead of settling his problems in his life at home assertively, he claims to go to the movies, only coming back after hours of being away. However, this is classified as a positive trait. It’s better for him to calm down and settle the issues later on, when he won’t risk saying something impulsive or upsetting. When he gets home after his trips to the movies one night, he speaks to his mother after she claims she will not speak to him again, “I’m sorry, Mother. I’m sorry for all those things I said. I didn’t mean it. I apologize,” (1.5). Another positive trait about Tom is his gentleness towards Laura. When he converses with her, his guard is let down and speaks to her kindly. Even though he tries to appear bleak on the outside, once he opens up he shows his softer, more careful side. Amanda, the mother of Laura and Tom, can be very absent-minded and in her own world of expectations. She refers back to her time as a young woman and focuses on getting a gentleman caller for Laura; she’s even more interested in having the gentleman caller for herself rather than Laura. Amanda struggles with giving her children what they want, refusing to accept the fact that Tom wants to leave and adventure out into the world. Because of this, she causes a lot of family conflict, stating later on in the play, “My devotion has made me a witch and so I make
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