Glass Menagerie Essay

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Glass Menagerie
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Topic: Discuss how a theme is developed in the play through two characters. Provide 3 pieces of evidence to support the theme as it applies to each character.

“ The Glass Menagerie ”, a memory play by Tennessee Williams, not only depicts the depressing and unhappy lives of the Winfield family at St. Louis around 1930’s, but also highlights the obstacle for Tom to pursuing his dreams under the family obligations; the obstacle for Laura to overcoming shyness and inferiorities to interact with the
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Standing on the fire escape outside the apartment and “getting a cigarette” allows Tom to temporarily find peace from Amanda’s nagging inquisition and commands, as he said, “I’d rather smoke” when Amanda complains to him about smoking too much. Through Amanda’s sighing, “A fire-escape landing’s a poor excuse for a porch”, it reveals more clearly that the fire escape has already been a route where Tom could readily escape from the world of Amanda to a world of new dimensions. Other than Amanda, Tom is also trapped in the responsibility of supporting his mother and sister who are dependent on his wages to live, as he complained, “Who pays the rent on it, who makes a slave of himself to... For sixty-five dollars a month I give up all that I dream of doing and being ever!” Furthermore, Tom despises the tedious job at the warehouse that stops him doing his own interests, as he cried out, “ You think I’m in love with the Continental Shoemakers? … I’d rather somebody picked up crowbar and battered out my brains – than going back mornings!” All of these situations cause Tom to have an even stronger will of escape. Hence, going to movies or having drinks in the bar every night has been another way that Tom uses to escape and seek adventure to compensate for his dull and depressed life. In Scene Four, Amanda asks, “Why do

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