Glaucon And Adeimantus Benefits Of Justice

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Benefits of justice given by Glaucon and Adeimantus are based on the idea that they are desired based on their consequences. In this sense, many people would place justice as a necessary evil, which allows individuals to avoid a greater evil that would exists without justice. Justice is something that comes from the vulnerability to humans, they are all affected by the injustices of others. As such, people continue to act just because without it, there would be more collective suffering. Rather than being practiced for the sake of being just, it is something produced similar to a social contract that comes out of fear and weakness. Adeimantus adds another benefit of justice in regards to what one can gain which will benefit them in the future. He claims that no one praises justice for being justice, but rather for the rewards that will come from it in current day and in the afterlife. In doing so, they can question Socrates about the benefits of justice, when it does not produce external rewards.…show more content…
In the first instance, it is beneficial because it allows the weakness of society to not be something of worry and, while it would be an evil, it would keep greater evils in the world away. Additionally, in Adeimantus’ case, to reap the praise of being just, one must be looked upon as a just person. Despite little conversation of the intention of being just solely for this reason, if an individual is viewed as a just person, he will receive praise for being a just person. Praise is something that is heavily sought after, therefore, to achieve the desire of being praised, it is rational for an individual to act in a just
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