Glenn Tosten 's Performance Over The Past Year

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Glenn Tosten has turned in a superb performance over the past year—most of which was spent wearing two hats. Not only has he served with excellence as INL-Pakistan’s Management Officer, an FS-02 stretch position, he also served with distinction for several consecutive months as Acting Deputy Director (an FS-01 position) in fall and early winter 2014-2015 due to severe staffing gaps and then again from spring until his departure after the Director suddenly departed. Moreover, Glenn also did an outstanding job as Acting Director (an OC position) for several weeks during summer 2015. As Management Officer, Glenn oversees an annual INL-P budget of approximately $40 million and a pipeline of $110 million. Taking into account this budget…show more content…
During fall 2014, as Acting Deputy Director, Glenn demonstrated impeccable judgment in leading the coordination of an eventual nationalization of the INL aviation program with a reluctant government, unable and unwilling to assume responsibilities for funding and maintenance and operation. When after six months at post it was time for my first R and R, I was confident that Glenn would do a stellar job as Acting Director. That turned out to be the case. During his stint as head of one of INL’s largest offices in the world, Glenn did an outstanding job managing delicate diplomatic issues related to INL’s Air Wing, including drafting a preliminary response to the GOP’s position on Air Wing nationalization and transition.
More importantly, human capital is not lost on Glenn. His actions in establishing an evacuation plan and acquiring additional protective security equipment following an attack on the airbase in Quetta that houses INL contractors were crucial in enhancing security for personnel and ensuring that further attacks were deterred and making life a bit safer for our staff.

Glenn once again demonstrated initiative above and beyond the call of duty when he took it upon himself to combine over 77 Letter of Agreement amendments into one comprehensive, all encompassing document that accurately reflects the changes in the

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