Glg 101 Week 1 Review Essay

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Week One Review Questions

GLG 101

December 9, 2012
Sherrill Wible

|Assignment |Resources: WileyPlus and Visualizing Geology |
|Week One Review Questions |Prepare a response to each of the following questions primarily from the text. Provide an explanation in your |
| |responses. Do not copy and paste your answers. If you use outside sources, include a reference. |
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Can you think of reasons why this might be so? Would you expect minerals on Mars or Venus to be the same, or at least very similar, to those on Earth? The material that makes up the earth is similar to those on Earth because they were formed by the same event or they were once part of the same body. The similarities could also be explained by the Earth and moon colliding before they were fully formed and they could have exchanged material. I would expect Mars and Venus to be similar because they all formed in the same area from the same cloud.

3. Which of the following materials are minerals, and why (or why not)? Water; beach sand; diamond; wood; vitamin pill; gold nugget; fishbone; emerald.
The emerald, diamond, and gold nugget are minerals because they are a single substance, formed by nature, inorganic, and have a constant crystalline structure. Water is not a solid, beach sand is made up of many different minerals, wood is an organic material with differing chemical compositions, vitamins are manmade and contain more than one substance, and fishbone is an organic material so none of them are considered minerals. Ch. 3: Critical and Creative Thinking Questions 3 & 4
| |3. How old are the rock formations in the area where you live and attend college or university? How can you find out the answer to

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