Glg 101 Week 9 Review Questions Essay

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Week 9 Review Questions 1. Oil production in the United States satisfies only half of the country's needs; the rest is imported. If imports were cut off, what changes would you expect to occur in your lifestyle? If oil imports were cut off, the changes to my lifestyle and to the United States would be devastating. Gasoline prices would skyrocket. This would force me and others to curtail our driving. I might have to rely on public transportation; however, the cost of said transportation would also increase. There would be gas rationing as the government would need to have gas for the military and other essentials to keep the government running. Prices for other goods such as food would also increase as it would become more…show more content…
The conditions present in the Pacific Ring of Fire are conducive to forming hydrothermal mineral deposits. These conditions include the presence of hot water, fractures or veins in the rocks, a place for the deposits to settle, and a chemical reaction that results in a mineral deposit. If I was looking for a deposit of copper I would focus my attention on a place where all of the conditions are present and favorable for hydrothermal mineral deposits to be formed. Then I would conduct rock and plant analysis to confirm the presence of copper. 4. Given that we are now dependent on nonrenewable resources of energy and minerals, and that the world's population continues to increase, how do you think human societies will adjust in the future? Do we have a resource problem or a population problem (or both)? I believe it is a combination of a decreasing amount of resources and an increasing population that will impact future human societies. As the population increases, it is necessary to increase the amount of food to feed them and structures to house them. This increase adds to the amount of resources that are consumed. Some countries have a decreasing population while other countries are doubling their population. Mainly it is the poorer countries that have the higher population rates. However, the amount of resources consumed by the countries is different. The wealthier countries consume more resources than poorer

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