Glo-Bus Statistical Review Quiz 1 Essay

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GLO-BUS Statistical Review QUIZ 1
Click below link for Answer CLICK HERE 1) The company maintains a production facility in a. Japan b. The United States c. China d. German e. Taiwan

2) The company’s shipment of digital cameras to retailers in various foreign countries are subject to f. All these g. Export fees equal to $20 per camera and exchange rate adjustment h. Import duties imposed by the countries to which the cameras are shipped i. Potential delays due it dockworker strikes at the port of entry

3) Which of the following is not an accurate description of the market for
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5) A camera- maker’s price competitiveness in a particular geographic region is determined by s. Whether a company’s price is within 5% of the lowest-priced camera branding the region t. How favorably the company’s price compares with the lowest price being charged by a rival in the same geographic region. u. Whether a company’s price is at least 25% below the highest priced camera brand in the region v. Whether its price is above or below the average price of all companies competing in that geographic region w. How favorably the company’s price compares to the highest price being charged by a rival company in the same geographic region

6) The interest rate a company pays on loans outstanding depends on x. Its credit rating y. How much it has borrowed against its credit line and free cash flow( defined as net income plus depreciation less dividend payments) z. Its balance sheet strength, global market share, net profits and stock price. {. How many consecutives years the company has been profitable, its current ration and its ROE |. Its net profit margins, ROE, and amount of cash on hand to make interest payments

7) Which of the following most accurately describes your company’s production/assembly operation? }. Most all camera components are sourced from outside

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