Gloalization and Its Effect on Non- Western Cultures

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What is globalization and what affect does this have on Non-Western cultures? Merrim-Websters dictionary defines globalization as, “the development of an increasingly integrated global economy marked especially by free trade, free flow of capital, and the tapping of cheaper foreign labor markets”. When identifying the pieces of globalization, outsourcing may be the first thing that comes to mind. However, globalization and modernization are larger than outsourcing alone. In this paper we will look at two separate examples of native non-western cultures that have been impacted by globalization and further analyze one of these two examples. (Merriam-Webster)
In 1971, the first McDonalds restaurant was opened in Japan, thus beginning a
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According to the U.S. State Department (2012), “India's population is estimated at more than 1.1 billion and is growing at 1.3% annually. India has the world's 12th-largest economy with the third-largest in Asia behind Japan and China”. The improvement in India’s economy was influenced in part by encouragement from the World Trade Organization, which aided in negotiating a decrease in import taxes; allowing India to function from a healthier position economically. This move momentously changed India’s ability to offer goods and services. (U.S. Department of State)
The culture in India, prior to its economic conversion, was vastly different. Historically, Indians were religious, spiritual, and possessed a strong value system with profound ties to family and social structure. The globalization movement brought a vast culture shift, Sarabu (2011), reported that, “Access to television grew from 10% of the urban population (1991) to 75% of the urban population (1999). Cable television and foreign films became broadly available in India for the first time. This event was a catalyst in pushing through the cultural boundaries”. The increased access to view Western cultures seemed like a direct portal via cable television. The steady change in the values being exhibited by the new generation of Indians is in direct collaboration with being able to directly view other cultures

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