Global Advertising Essay

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The term ‘global’ brings implications of a sense of ‘togetherness’, global advertising therefore suggests marketing to the world as a sole unit. The pioneer of global marketing was Theodore Levitt, ‘he insisted that companies should start thinking themselves as global rather than multinational’ (Barnet, 1994: 168). ‘The global corporation treats the entire world as if it were a single entity and sells the same things in the same way everywhere’ (Leiss, Kline, Hally, 1997: 171). However this generates question over the possibility of the success in ‘global’ advertising in a world of individual consumers. In a society where we are bombarded with over three thousand advertisements per day it is self evident how the advertising industry have…show more content…
In terms of the relationship between globalization and advertising, Myers (1999) presents two perspectives firstly globalization as imagery and globalization as marketing strategy. According to Myers, globalization as imagery upholds the collection of images, rhetoric, and discourse; this is particularly significant in manifesting the values and meanings that are received by the consumer. In this case the globe as a place, as a value and in creating a sense of ‘the global’, again the continuing importance of unity and community. This is also achieved through the image of a quality product, for example companies want to have a global impression as a sign that it is recognised around the world. The reception of global images is mediated by local culture so there is the imagery of global goods with local meanings, contradiction the notion of ‘global’ advertising. The second perspective is more focused on the business aspect, globalization as marketing strategy. This perspective looks at the pressures towards globalization, besides specific products, global advertising also sells global brands, the rise of global media (Internet) and global advertising networks supporting what advertising associates with the ‘global’. These advertising images are additionally exporting values and meanings raising concerns over the built in contradictions. Global consciousness is obligatory within the values and meanings that
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