Global Affairs As A Multidisciplinary Field Essay

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Introduction Global Affairs is a very broad discipline that involves several fields of study. In fact depending on the source, the definition of Global Affairs can have many meanings. Since Global Affairs covers many areas, most people within the discipline chose to focus on one area of study. Discussion and debate are important within Global Affairs. They allow for education about issues that are occurring in the world and provide suggestions for problems to be fixed. International conferences and debates in scholarship are two of the ways in which people in Global Affairs interact to make change in the world. Global Affairs Definition Within various contexts, Global Affairs can be defined in several ways. George Mason University describes Global Affairs as being a multidisciplinary field. At Mason, Global Affairs covers international politics, economics, culture, and international development. It also focuses on these issues in specific regions of the world (George Mason University). The New York Times defines Global Affairs as issues as international politics, economics, and culture. Global Affairs studies and analyzes international interactions, mainly through a political lens. The New York Times does not have a specific definition for Global Affairs. However, one popular section is the “International Relations” section. Most of the articles focus on political issues between nations (International New York Times). George Mason and the New York Times both give

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